What is a Zinefest?

First of all you might even wonder what a zine is! Our Cherry has lovingly put together a zine to explain. You might like to print it out and distribute it to your friends, here is a —> LINK and in brief:

” A zine (pronounced zeen like magazine) is most commonly a handmade, photocopied (or otherwise cheaply produced) small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images.”

So a zinefest brings together makers of zines to display their work – zine tend to be a labour of love, not a for-profit business.

Often zinefests also include talks, displays and workshops.

We bet you really want to go to one now, and you are in luck, Zinefests take place across the world and Fanzines has a Google doc with up to date details here of Zinefests and other zine events around the world, it’s amazing!