2019 Zine Makers


The communal table will host zines from a wide variety of makers who are not tabling.

Can I put my zine on the communal table? Yes of course you can! There is no need to get in touch, please bring your zines on the day, however if you have any questions please email northwestzinefest@gmail.com

Zine Makers confirmed for 2019:

Becky Kidner – Diary Drawings

I have an ongoing ‘Diary Drawings’ project, where I have been documenting every day in drawings since September 2007. The content of the drawings range from movies & TV shows I’ve watched, to places I’ve visited, eaten at and also a lot of logos and visual motifs that we see around us every day.

Bear Lee Zine

My work is LGBTQ+ based, focusing on different topics each issue. I’ve covered topics from body celebration, creativity, case of the ex, anonymous secrets and coming out stories. Each zine is a happy publication filled with illustrations, real stories, real people, colourful pastel fantasies and comes with a task and stickers. I am currently working on a year long project on body diversity where people are submitting images of themselves to help spread the word that we are sick of the lack of equality and diversity within media and this is going into a book at the end of the year.

Spaghetti For Brains

Spaghetti For Brains is a small independent press based in Glasgow, publishing DIY zines, performance writing and other textual incursions in the battle fought in print. We love writing that’s smart and fucks up capitalism.

Brown Girls Do It

Brown Girls Do It make zines which focus on the experiences of women and non-binary people of colour, exploring issues around race, religion, sexuality, class and culture.

Fault and Fracture Zine and Distro

We make a variety of zines: Bettie primarily makes perzines and Jen makes zines about books and horror. We also have a few zines that we distro, mostly perzines and queer zines.


Zines about films and feminism, childhood tales and teen angst – with photographs, drawings and stories old and new. Badges and stickers too!

Shy Radicals    

Black Panthers but for Shy people, introvert, autistic spectrum, decolonial DIY

Rob Marland

Rob is from the Wirral and makes comics and zines about family relationships, recovery from addiction, and his travels. He made the first ever graphic biography of Oscar Wilde. Rob will also have comics by Bay Area artist extraordinaire, Kate Rhoades.

Chella Quint

Chella Quint is the UK’s leading expert on menstruation education. She is a comedian, improvisor, designer, artist, writer, presenter and education researcher from Brooklyn, New York who now lives in Sheffield, England. She coined the phrase ‘period positive’ in 2006 and founded the #periodpositive campaign which has spread around the world like a really big, friendly taboo-breaking period stain.

Black Lodge Press               

Zines and comics inspired by queer culture – celebrating artists lost to HIV and AIDS, cruising and queer fucking, sex work and Bruce Springsteen’s butt. Plus cheeky pins and tote bags! Instagram – @blacklodgepress

Not Dead Yet press/strange things? Collective

Not Dead Yet press is my new project centred around the representation of working class artists, and how my identity as working class has shaped my own work.

Collective is a Sunderland based project that works in partnership with Washington Mind’s young people’s project, and encourages the young people we work with to use creativity as a tool for their own self-care, exploring what it’s like to be from Tyne & Wear in the 21st century.

Fuck What You Love

Fuck What You Love is a zine about popstar crushes, featuring writing from women and LGBTQ+ people. The zine celebrates the importance of crushing on musicians to marginalised music fans, and gives voice to passions that are often dismissed as silly or trite by cishet male music critics. Published annually, the zine is now on its 4th issue! In addition to FWYL, I will have other pop culture zines that I have edited in collaboration with other writers, designers and artists. Subjects include The 1975, pop culture pilgrimages, Years & Years, unreciprocated longing, and Miranda from Sex and the City.

Claire O’Brien

Claire is an artist and writer from Leeds. She makes zines about everything from pop culture to politics to cultural history. Her ‘Occupation: Legend’ zines have a particular focus on celebrating women in the arts. Claire’s work aims to be fun as well as informative.

Heart of Hearts Zines         

A one-woman operation making zines about queerness and pop culture, moving in the world as a butch dyke and how to stay rad in a world that doesn’t make space for weirdos.

I mostly make quite personal zines on queer feminist themes, as well as some fun and silly ones about things like my lady heroes, my problematic love of country music and how to stop flippin’ apologising all the time!

My last big project was Out in the Middle of Nowhere, which is about films that represent queer characters in rural landscapes – something I care a lot about, but which you don’t see that much (and usually ends badly). The next one is gonna be a digital privacy handbook for queers and lefties, to help us understand how our presence online is political, & stay safe and radical while we’re there.

One False Move

spooky glamorous and industrial aesthetics, perzines and diary comics, office tittle tattle and mental health and sky pictures

Cool Schmool Zines

I make queer diy zines and comix about pop culture, class, being fat,mental health, and Bruce Springsteen.

Fanzine La Raya

We are a queer feminist zine from Canarias based in London. Our work focuses on queer/pop/trash culture and inclusion.

Kitty Collector zines

My zines are mainly about TV and movies from a queer, feminist perspective. I also have zines about mini golf, theme parks and body image/fatphobia.


I make zines and perzines based on my own experiences of mental illness and being queer. My zines are combination of writing and doodles and (because I am a scientist) an inappropriate number of graphs. I love to swap and trade zines, expand my own zine collection and perform open mic poetry too.

Draw Laura Draw

My zines are inspired by my love for 90s underground pop culture and nostalgia.

Things Made By Zulaikha

Promoting mental health recovery through colourful things

Women in Art History Zine from Laura Moseley Crafts

My zines aim to teach people about an overlooked or marginalised female artist from art history in an easy and affordable way, with no previous knowledge of art history required! The zines give an overview of the artist with information about who they were, their most famous works, where you can read about them and where you can see their work. They come out monthly, and are all illustrated by a different female artist working today so you can simultaneously learn about an artist from art history whilst supporting an artist of today.

Khidr Collective Zine          

The Khidr Collective Zine is a biannual magazine for young Muslims, by young Muslims. At a time of normalised hostility toward Muslim communities, we require more spaces to speak truth to power. We cannot and never have relied on the mainstream modes of media. The Zine is a means to amplify the voices that have been spoken over by those who theorise on our behalf. We hope that the publication serves as a way of documenting resistance but also the love, joy and beautiful histories of our faith and communities. On sale will be Issue 2: Shifaa’ & Issue 3: Frontiers and plenty of merch!

Glasgow Zine Library          

Glasgow Zine Library is a community organization based on Glasgow’s South Side. We’ll have our shop’s zines with us for NWZF, as well as some of our own GZL merch. glasgowzinelibrary.com, @glasgowzinelib

Miss Heather Comics / My MRI / Fe: Women in Metal

I’m a North Wales based comics creator, illustrator and zinester. My work is usually educational, socially and/or politically engaged.

My newest zine is Fe: Women in Metal, which is partly an essay about my own complex experiences of being a female fan of the genre, and a collection of illustrated profiles of important women in the metal scene from Eva Spence to Marina Brink via Floor Jansen. (The ‘Fe’ part in the title is because it’s the symbol for iron and the prefix in ‘female’, which I thought was quite good for a pun.)

Other projects include: My MRI (comic), 27 things to do before you’re 27 (zine), Track (anthology comic) and various mini-zines about podcasts, Download Festival and my best friend.

2B Or Not 2B

We are 2B Or Not 2B, a sisterly design collective creating work from a Manchester kitchen. As two illustrators who love to collaborate, we enjoy making zines and thinking up the stories and characters that go inside them as well as printing them locally in Salford ourselves.

The Screever

The Screever is a little punk zine from the West Midlands, now up to its twelfth issue, in which we interview bands and artists, review stuff, and generally try to embrace positivity in punk. We also publish the Daria fanzine ‘You’re Standing On My Neck’, the coffee shop-based comic series ‘GROUND’, as well as making the odd tote bag, patch, and compilation tape.


The Fantastic! Zine is an a5 full colour zine about fans and fandom. There will be two issues printed by the time of this zine fest (one is already printed)both of which feature a collection of submissions that cover fan fiction, cosplay, gaming, meeting your heroes, and looooooads more. We recently held a conference on fans and fandom which you can see details of on our website or on twitter @fantasticnext #fantastic19 and as part of this we ran a zine workshop so people could make submissions for issue 2 – or zines of their own.

Zines & Ting         

Maker of zines about race, class, art, sexuality, popular culture and crisps!

Drawn Poorly Zine

Drawn Poorly is a Manchester based creative project challenging stigma and encouraging conversations about living with chronic illness, disability & mental illness. There are currently four collaborative issues focused on Diagnosis, Relationships, Identity and Barriers.

Colossive Press

Eclectic small press launched in south-east London in 2018. Projects range from humour, photography and biography to perzines based on insomnia and special-needs parenting.

Bradical Press      

Zines about Bradford and Brown-ness. New writing, fiction,poetry,prevent. To subvert perceptions of home

Tender Hands Press           

Illustrator and zine maker exploring the themes of home, community, identity and mental health. They deconstruct and translate daily feelings, conversations and intimate thoughts into self-published printed matter using Risography. Their practice also involves encouraging collaboration, skill-sharing and community engagement through DIY culture, aiming to platform marginalised voices and diversifying DIY spaces

Echo Zines

I make several zines, such as my zine series Same Heartbeats (feminist perzine about documenting the local/international DIY queer-feminist scene, gender expression, activism, manspreading, my band, tiredness…), one-off zines Space Invasion (about taking public space, free spaces, a lesbian-feminist haunted house…), CuNt & Paste (about feminist zine culture and posters), Letter Soup (about consciouness-raising, radical cheerleading, consent, being shy…), From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls (about my journey as a music fan and nostalgia), Dirty Lesbian (trans-inclusive lesbian-feminism against lesbophobia), and YngWHO (about fandom, gender, and the 80s), and several mini-zines about self-care, how to make zines, playing guitar, and creativity.             /

vampire hag distro

vampire hag is a small distro based in kent previously known as Vampire Sushi. it’s still the same distro with a bite, just a new name, selling you all sorts of awesome zines, concentrating mainly on perzines, and some fanzines, all with queer and feminist leanings. they do sell some badges & stickers etc, but the stock is 90% zines


My zines are text-based and come from a feminist perspective addressing issues such as mental health, unemployment, body hair, self-care, being a child free woman and illness. They are written from my personal experiences with the hope that they will help others

Polly Richards illustration

I’m an illustrator who makes zines about mental health and queer identity.

Slug Ink Press      

I’ve been making zines as Slug Ink Press since about 2015, but have made zines since I was a teenager (I’m now 34). Zines I have in print include: Does What It Says on the Tin: A risographed zine reviewing different gin in a tins, Old Ladies Swearing, Brighton Scum City Zine, Coasting- The Lazy Librarian’s Guide to ‘Work’, Living the No Maintenance Lifestyle: A Guide.

I’ve also made zines about my (now sadly departed) pet cat, my holiday to Scotland/Bute/Newcastle, and mini zines about chips, and collaged images of grumpy victorian ladies called ‘Go to Hell’.


daikon* zine is a platform for the writing and art of women, non-binary and all trans people in the Southeast and East Asian diaspora.

Steven Fraser / Do It Theatre

I create performance zines that are designed for autistic adults, but can be enjoyed by anyone. My zines contain theatre scripts, illustrations and comics. My stories are presented as performance scripts to immerse the reader in the narrative. They are short plays contained within zines and allow the reader to relate to and understand with people who live with autism (such as myself). The illustrations and comics add to the experience.

The topics I cover include mental health, sexuality and neurodiverse behaviours. I live with Asperger’s Syndrome, identify as queer and draw from my own experiences.


Susie is 10 years into making zines as an outlet for weird ideas, musings on queer culture, pop cultural ephemera, and things that filter out of their sketchbook. Susie is as likely to make a zine of peanut butter reviews as a collection of linocuts of Detroit architecture.

pen fight

pen fight is a feminist and queer shop and small press based in Manchester.

Selling zines on feminism and women’s rights, disability and mental health, food, veganism, gardening, politics, race, class, art, friendship, music, fanzines, perzines, and anything else with an ace DIY ethic.

We also operate a small press, printing zine titles by women, non-binary and LGBTQIA+ folks.

Emma Charleston               

I make all kinds of zines about life and feelings and places and food and other things. (Mostly riso printed) (I also have some A4 riso prints, badges and cards)

Best Practice

Best Practice makes zines that provide inclusive, creative & political outlets for people to talk about their experiences of work that prioritises the voices of workers.

Cross Words Zines

Zines from Kirsty Fife – a DIY cultural organiser, creative practitioner, academic and archivist based in Leeds, Yorkshire. Kirsty’s zine projects cover intersections between fat, gender, class, sexuality and DIY cultures.

Over Here Zinefest            

A table curated by the organisers of Over Here Zinefest: showcasing the work of Black / Asian / BAME / POC zine makers, artists, writers and activists.


SketZINE is formed by a bunch of creatives who want to share their little ideas and little stories from their yum cha(drinking tea) sessions into zine.