2016 Workshop Schedule:

11.45-12.45 Monoprinting Workshop by Kim Searle – £3.50 to cover materials – Please book in advance so we can get the materials – we will release tickets the week before the zinefest


(picture courtesy of Kim Searle)

We’ll be doing trace monoprinting, where every print you do will be 100% unique. Trace monoprinting creates really professional and atmospheric looking one off prints using printing inks and texturing techniques. If you would like to work from a particular image please feel free to bring it along.



1.15– 2.15 Music Zines run by Olivia from the Young People’s Music Project – Free

Come browse and discuss music zines from the Salford Zine Library collection and Olivia’s current and past music zine projects. As a group we will explore gender empowerment through music, what it’s like to be a woman making music and the importance of having a creative collective to support and inspire as well as the practicalities of making a music zine and how it can complement your own music-making, as well as responding to others’ music in a positive way. It can be creative to turn music into something visual and tactile so feel free to bring your own submissions to Olivia’s music zines or work collectively to create a comp-zine in the session.

2.30 – 3.30 Drop in zine-making and badge-making by Pen Fight Distro and Synchronise Witches Press – Zine-making is free and suggested donation of 10p/15p per badge to cover materials.

You don’t have to stay for this whole workshop – just drop in at any point while it’s running – if it gets really busy we may ask you to rotate to allow others to have a go.

Cc-iWCkW0AEpbWe.jpgPicture courtesy of Pen Fight Distro

Come and make and take home your very own 25mm or 58mm badge with pen fight distro. Draw something, create miniature collages, cut out bits of fabric, photographs or found images, if it’s flat we can probably make it into a badge! Materials will be provided but feel free to bring any images/fabric/paper/anything else if you have something particular in mind.
3.30-4.30 Zine readings

From 4pm we’ll be opening the floor for a zine reading open mic (except there won’t be a mic). Sign up on the day for a 5 minute slot and read either your own work or someone else’s.

Chris Clavin
Chris Clavin (Ghost Mice, Captain Chaos, Plan-It-X Records) wrote “Free Pizza For Life” – an incredible book telling the stories of the early days of Plan-It-X Records. Chris is playing a show as Captain Chaos at Fuel in Withington ( in the evening and he’s going to come and do a reading for us at 3:30pm. Super excited.




…event archive

2015 workshops and talks:

12 midday: Getting Started with Making Zines with Emma Falconer (30-45 mins)

Inspiration and ideas for making your first zine; Emma will go through the basics as well as looking at different ways of producing zines, pitfalls to avoid and share examples of her own zines

1pm: Feminist zine making with Queen of the Track + the Chapess zine (1 hour drop in session)

Have a go at making your own zine and chat to us about what we do! All materials provided but feel free to bring along anything you’re working on /

2pm: A Fat Activist Show and Tell with Kirsty of Hard Femme/Make It Work zines 30-45 mins

In this workshop we’ll discuss what fat activism is and why it’s important. I’ll be bringing along examples of things that I’ve done or collected that I see as fat activism to share and anyone who comes along should feel welcome to bring along examples to show and discuss as well (if you don’t have anything, it’s fine to still come along). Hopefully by the end of the session we will all have an understanding of the diverse types of action fat activism involves.

3pm: DIY Screenprinting with Jenna Alldread (1 hour+ ticketed workshop)

Come and make your own screenprinted patch at the NorthWest Zine Fair ! Using techniques and equipment that you can easily do and use at home, during this workshop you’ll learn how to make a screen, design and prep your own artwork, mix paint ready to print on to a variety of surfaces – paper and material ultimately making your own patch which you can pin on your bag, sew on to a jacket or give as a pressie! You’ll be able to apply the techniques that you’ll learn in your own work.

Workshop will take about an hour – an hour and a half. Depending on how many designs you want to print and how speedy you are! 🙂

To get a ticket for this one, just register here on eventbrite so we can ensure enough materials are provided, thanks! Tickets are free, but please do let us know if you cannot attend after all, just drop us an email/tweet us @nwzinefest on the day.


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